Like a rhapsode of old, Gabriele Tinti has performed his poems of ‘speaking-out’ (ekphrasis) to audiences in various parts of the world; here are those responses, an anthology of engagement and delight.

                                                               Nigel Spivey, University  of Cambridge

The technology represents a synthesis of the best compositions by Gabriele Tinti and is aimed at visitors to the Museo Nazionale Romano who can access the content on a web platform using the QR codes corresponding to the works.The mobile format will offer the visitor audio-video-textual poetic contributions in English and Italian about the masterpieces in question. The associated actors are Marton Csokas and Alessandro Haber.

Sponsored by Fondazione Arte e Cultura
In association with the National Roman Musem
Archeological Museum of Naples
and Treccani

Pubblication of “Ruins” is planned for October 2020 by Eris Press

Gabriele Tinti poet

A recent recipient of the 2018 Montale Poetry Award, Gabriele Tinti is an Italian poet and writer. He has worked with the J. Paul Getty Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, the British Museum, the Los Angeles County Museum of Art, the National Roman Museum, the Capitolini Museums, the Archeological Museum in Naples, the Ara Pacis Museums and the Glyptothek of Munich composing poems for ancient works of art including the Boxer at Rest, the Discobolus, Arundel Head, the Ludovisi Gaul, the Victorious Youth, the Farnese Hercules, the Hercules by Scopas, the Elgin marbles from the Parthenon, the Barberini Faun and many other masterpieces. His poems have been recited by actors like Kevin Spacey, Joe Mantegna, Michael Imperioli, Burt Young, Marton Csokas, Alessandro Haber, Robert Davi, Jamie McShane, Vincent Piazza and Franco Nero. In 2016 he published “Last words” (Skira Rizzoli) a collection of found poetry in association with Andres Serrano. From 2016 to 2018 he composed some poems inspired by Giorgio de Chirico’s masterpieces with mythological subjects. His works have been read at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Peggy Guggenheim Collection by the actor Burt Young, at the Museum of Modern Art in New York by the actor Vincent Piazza and at the Museo del Novecento in Milan by Alessandro Haber. In 2018 his ecphrastic poetry project ‘Ruins’ was awarded the Premio Montale with a ceremony at the Museo Nazionale Romano in Palazzo Altemps. In 2019 he worked with the two time Oscar winner Kevin Spacey. After having returned to the stage with the video ‘Let me be Frank’, which attracted millions of views, Spacey read Tinti’s poetry inspired by the Boxer at Rest, a masterpiece of ancient statuary held at the Museo Nazionale Romano in Palazzo Massimo.